Semester 2 unit | Bible, Trauma and Growth

Perhaps there has never been a more relevant time to explore The Bible, Trauma and Growth!

Come on a journey with this cutting edge approach to the study of biblical texts and the intersection with the increasingly relevant use of trauma studies  –

  • the recognition that much of the biblical text was formed and composed in contexts of trauma
  • the reality of our own contemporary world affected by many contexts of trauma, including war, forced migration, climate change, pandemic,
  • and the value of interdisciplinary studies in biblical interpretation, including sociology, psychology and literature studies
  • trauma and growth studies contribute to potentially rich readings of the biblical text in a massively changing world.

Dean of the School of Graduate Research, Associate Professor Elizabeth Boase, will be joining us for a session Sociological approaches to trauma theory in Biblical Studies and Dr Chris Turner will be joining us for a session on The Physiology of Trauma, with reflection from his work with refugees and forced migrants. 

Lecturer Dr Angela Sawyer
Level Level 2, 3 and 9
Study Mode online
Unit Code BS2002S level 2 online

BS3002S level 3 online

BS9002S Level 9 online


Dr Angela Sawyer

Dr Angela Sawyer is Lecturer in Old Testament and Dean of Students at Stirling Theological College, Melbourne Australia.

Angela’s research interests include Isaiah; Hebrew Bible Prophets; Trauma studies; Exile; Feminist Criticism; Metaphor studies; Daughter Zion; Contextual Bible Study; Secularism; and, Hebrew Bible texts of war and violence.

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