Semester 2 unit | Atheism: Varieties of Belief, Disbelief, Unbelief

Michael Buckley once argued that theology’s friends caused it damage, and contributed to the emergence of modern atheism.  This unit charts a course through a variety of modern forms of atheism in order to understand not only the variety of atheisms and atheistic arguments, but to appreciate the contribution of theologies to forms of agnostic and atheistic denial.  The unit functions to provide two things:  first, it introduces students to modern philosophies insofar as they pertain to the question of God; and, second, it serves as a course in the doctrine of God and the Christian traditions of negative theology.

Lecturer Professor John McDowell
Level 2, 3, 9
Study Mode Face-to-face, and online
Unit Code (with link to UMS) AP2800A | AP2809A | AP3800A | AP3809A

CT2800A | CT2809A | CT3800A | CT3809A


CT9800A | CT9809A

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