Semester 2 unit | Ageing Persons and Pastoral Care

Australians are living longer and our society is an ageing one. Ageing in Australia today has become an urgent and increasingly important public issue.

The recently concluded Royal Commission indicates some of the challenges and complexities in providing effective care for older citizens. Political, social and economic costs abound on the way forward. A Gospel perspective calls Christians to collaborate in the building of a just and compassionate society.

Commencing with the ancient Christian understanding of the “care of souls” the course unit explores the evolution of pastoral and spiritual care to the present day as they contribute to the personal, mental and social wellbeing of ageing persons in our society.

Unit details

College Catholic Theological College
Lecturer Rev. Dr Laurence McNamara CM
Level Level 9 postgraduate
Study Mode Online – Synchronous

6 Saturdays, 10am – 12pm + 2pm – 4pm:

30 July; 13, 27 August; 17 September; 8, 22 October

Unit Codes DT9631C



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