Semester 1 unit | Galatians and James: Mission and Identity in Early Christianity

Semester 1 unit at Trinity College Theological School

Would Paul and James have argued about faith and works? This unit provides an in-depth exegetical study of the New Testament epistles known as Galatians and James, in an attempt to answer that question. The study of these letters will begin with an examination of the social setting from which they emerged, examining each as a literary argument for a particular theological understanding of emerging Christian identity and early Christian mission. This unit will also consider how these letters continue to offer a model for the contemporary church when it comes to understanding mission and identity through comparison with modern scholarship on mission, faith and works.

Unit details

College Trinity College Theological School
Lecturer The Revd Dr Fergus King
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-face (scheduled for Thursdays in semester 1, 2pm-5pm)


Unit Code
(with link to UMS)
BN3200T (Face-to-face)

BN3209T (online)

BN9200T (Face-to-face)

BN9209T (online)

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