Semester 1 unit | Exploring the Old Testament

Semester 1 unit at Catholic Theological College

This unit explores the world of the Old Testament and demonstrates its enduring relevance. It provides insights into the diverse historical, cultural, social, and literary contexts of Old Testament literature. Through the study of selected biblical passages, students engage with various methods of interpretation, integrate perspectives of faith and reason, and discover pastoral and educational applications of these ancient texts for today. The unit also examines thematic and theological links between the Old and New Testaments. (This unit may be offered in intensive or online mode.)

Information about how to enrol can be found here.

Unit details

College Catholic Theological College
Lecturer Dr Janina Hiebel

Rev Dr Kris Sonek

Level Level 1; Level 8
Study Mode Face-to-face (blended)


Unit Code
(with link to UMS)
BA1001C (Blended)

BA1001C (Online)

BA8001C (Blended)

BA8001C (Online)


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