Semester 1 unit: Advanced Greek Reading

Lecturer: Reverend Dr Robyn Whitaker

This unit is designed to consolidate and develop the language skills gained in New Testament Greek A and B. The unit concentrates on using these skills for the purposes of translation, textual analysis, and exegesis. A range of texts from the NT, LXX, and early Christianity (e.g. the Didache and other noncanonical texts) will be read as an inductive means to developing skills in translation, applying grammatical learnings, identifying syntax, and doing exegesis.

Unit code(s) AL3000P, BN3000, AL9000P, BN9000P
Level Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Study Mode Face-to-face

Pre-requisite: 2 semesters of Koine Greek, usually Greek A and B (or equivalent) and an introductory level New Testament unit.

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