S2 Unit: Handling Texts of Terror

Here in Latin America we can read many of the old classic treatments of Christology as well as more current ones. When we do, and when we notice their practical repercussions on the life and praxis of Christians, we cannot help but formulate certain suspicions. Basically these suspicions come down to this: for some reason it has been possible for Christians, in the name of Christ, to ignore or even contradict fundamental principles and values that were preached and acted upon by Jesus of Nazareth”
Jon Sobrino- Christology at The Crossroads.

Texts of Terror is a unit which recognises that the Judaeo-Christian scriptures contain material which have been used to condone and justify violence, sexism, racism and colonialism. This course addresses these concerns by focussing on texts themselves, and how they engaged with the contexts in which they were produced. It will also look at over-arching themes, such as understandings of the Atonement, which raise similar concerns. It encourages students to develop the apologetic and homiletic skills necessary to rebut interpretations which, to use Sobrino’s phrase, “ignore or even contradict fundamental principles and values that were preached and acted upon by Jesus of Nazareth.”

Lecturer Reverend Dr Fergus King
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-face


Unit Code (with link to UMS) Undergraduate:

DM3600T (face-to-face)




DM9600T (face-to-face)


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