S1 Unit: Women and the Bible

An exciting new unit on Women and the Bible will be taught in first semester. Rachelle Gilmour (Hebrew Bible) and Dorothy Lee (New Testament) will explore a number of biblical texts that feature women and the roles they play in biblical narrative. The unit covers women as leaders, women as outsiders, and women and power, as well as considering how we might effectively read the stories of the Old and New Testaments together fruitfully. This is a great opportunity to study, not only individual women in the Bible, but also the issues of interpretation in understanding them for today’s context.

The class can be taken online or class-based on Wednesday mornings, 9.30 to 12.30.

Provider (College) Trinity College Theological School
Lecturer Reverend Canon Professor Dorothy Lee and Dr Rachelle Gilmour
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-face


Unit Code and link for more information BS3770T (Face-to-face)

BS3779T (online)

BS9770T (Face-to-face)

BS9779T (online)

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