S1 Unit: The Missional New Testament

“A church and theology which neglects or denies the missionary sending of believers as messengers of salvation in a world threatened by disaster surrenders its very foundation and in so doing surrenders itself.”

Martin Hengel- Between Jesus and Paul

Recognising the missional imperative of the texts which are contained in the New Testament, this unit invites students to reflect specifically on the ethos and practice of Christian mission as set out in those texts, and then apply them to contemporary contexts and situations. Students learn how to exegete specific passages to assist missional thinking and practice, as well as explore missional themes found in the NT.

Lecturer Reverend Dr Fergus King
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-faceOnline
Unit Code (with link to UMS)


DM3400T (face-to-face)




DM9400T (face-to-face)


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