2. Christ as the Good Shepherd, c. 425-30, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna. www.KornbluthPhoto.com

Introduction to Early Christian Art and Architecture

This unit studies the origins and growth of Christian art by exploring ways in which liturgy and devotions in the early church found expression in visual culture.

  1. What do images show us about the role of women as patrons, leaders of Christian communities and participants in liturgies?
  2. How do images help us to re-construct ministry in the Early Church?
  3. How do images like these help us to explore Christian experience in the Early Church?

These questions and others will guide our study the art and architecture of early Christians in both Western and Byzantine Churches.

Lecturer Claire Renkin
Level Level 2, 3 & 9
Study Mode Face to Face
Unit Code CH2012Y



Timetable Wednesday evenings at 6pm

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