Intensive: Gospel Narratives in Ignatian Contemplation

Study this second semester intensive with Jesuit College of Spirituality: DS9071J Gospel Narratives in Ignatian Contemplation

Gospel Narratives in Ignatian Contemplation will explore the genre, structure, socio-historical context and theological emphases of the Gospels, and the cultural and social situation of the Mediterranean world in New Testament times. The key focus will be on the role of the imagination in prayer, as outlined by Saint Ignatius. When an exercitant prays over a Gospel passage in making the Spiritual Exercises, he or she enters it as a participant. The unit will give attention to early influences leading Ignatius to employ imaginative prayer with the Gospel narratives within the Spiritual Exercises. It will explore the psychology of the human imagination and its relevance to the practice of prayer in life, work and ministry.

Richard Leonard SJ will teach the unit in Semester 2, 2019. The unit will be delivered face-to-face over two ‘weekend intensives’ (i.e. Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2019; and Friday 30th August 2019, Saturday 31st August, Sunday 1st September 2019). The unit is also available to online students and to audit (not-for-academic credit).

Richard was Ordained a priest in 1993. He directs the Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting, is an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Catholic University; has been a visiting scholar within the School of Theatre, Film & Television at UCLA and a Visiting Professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Fr Richard has served on juries at the Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Warsaw, Hong Kong, Montreal, Brisbane and Melbourne International Film Festivals and he has lectured on faith and culture all over the world. He has been published in America Magazine, Eureka Street, US Catholics, is a regular columnist with The London Tablet and is a regular guest on ABC Radio. He is the author of ten books: What does it all mean? New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2017; What are we doing on earth for Christ’s sake? New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2015; What are we hoping for? Reflections for Lent & Easter New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2015; Why Bother Praying? New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2013; What are we waiting for? Reflections for Advent & Christmas New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2010; Where the Hell is God? New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2010; Preaching to the Converted, New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2007; Movies That Matter: Reading Film Through the Lens of Faith, Chicago: Loyola University Press, 2006; The Mystical Gaze of the Cinema: the Films of Peter Weir, Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2005; Beloved Daughters: 100 Years of Papal Teaching About Women, Melbourne: David Lovell, Toronto: Novalis, 1996. His forthcoming book: Hatch, Match & Dispatch: a Catholic Guide to Sacraments will be published by Paulist in 2019.

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For further information and details on how to enrol, contact Jesuit College of Spirituality on 03 9448 8276 or enquiries@jcs.edu.au

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