Semester 2 Study: Forming God’s people for leadership, mission and ministry

Come and study in Semester 2 this year! Stirling Theological College offers courses in ministry formation, leadership and counselling among many others.

Find out more about what’s on offer in the Stirling Semester 2 brochure and Semester 2 units poster.

Semester 2 Overview

Who studies at Stirling?

At Stirling, we recognise the diversity that exists within society and the church. We want to help prepare and equip you to make a difference in your context.

Every student is encouraged, challenged and empowered to contribute to biblical and theological learning and ministry practice.

We have people from diverse life experiences studying for vocational settings such as:

  • Service, ministry and leadership in churches
  • Chaplaincy in multiple settings including aged care, industry, schools and hospitals
  • Community development among the world’s urban poor
  • Bi-vocational settings in Australia and overseas
  • Aid and community development work
  • Pastoral care
  • Ongoing postgraduate research
  • Personal growth and development in their Christian journey

Featured programs of study

Master of Counselling

The Master of Counselling offers advanced professional knowledge and skills for counsellors. This award has a strong focus on the student’s personal attributes, relational capacity and spiritual formation as well as integrative and collaborative approaches to counselling.

Graduate Certificate in Supervision and Graduate Diploma in Supervision

Complete a postgraduate course in supervision, designed for experienced practitioners wishing to supervise others.

Clinical Pastoral Education

Placement in a hospital (clinical) setting offers the opportunity to develop skills in pastoral and spiritual care with people across the spectrum of society and to integrate one’s operational theology with the actual offering of care in situations of major and minor life transitions.

Level 1 and Level 2 are offered in partnership with ASACPEV (the Association for Supervised and Clinical Pastoral Education in Victoria, Inc).

Successful completion of one CPE placement receives two units of credit towards an award.

Catalyst: For a life of purpose
Diploma in Theology

A one-year university course for young adults and emerging leaders. Catalyst provides students with a unique learning experience to discover a wider worldview, discern calling and develop gifts and theological understanding. Catalyst has a core commitment to integrative mission and holistic gospel –
in vocation, justice, leadership and social entrepreneurship.

In one year, students complete two cross-cultural immersion trips (overseas and local), learn from industry leaders who are making a difference in the world AND complete a university course!


Semester 2 Units


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