Doctrine, Truth and Pluralism

Semester 2, 2021 at Pilgrim Theological College

Doctrine is woven into every feature of the church’s life, but it mostly stays beneath the surface until a specific theological controversy erupts. This unit will explore the multiple hidden and visible roles of doctrine in the life of the church, its relationship to the bible, its witness to the truth of a living God, and the possibilities of doctrinal innovation. Current scholarly discussions around these issues will be introduced, especially those drawing on ‘affect theory’ that relate doctrine to the passions and experiences of Christian life and the work of the Holy Spirit.

This unit is also available to audit for an audit fee (no assessment or credit).

Unit details

Lecturer Rev Assoc Prof Geoff Thompson
Level Level 3 and Level 9
Study Mode Face to Face
Unit Code (with link to UMS) CT3020P


Learn more about this unit on Geoff Thompson’s blog.

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