Byzantine fresco depicting the First Council of Nicaea, 325 CE

Crises, Controversies, and Councils: Christianity Under Construction

Featured unit in Semester 1, 2021

In this unit students will undertake an historical theological study of the first five centuries of Christianity with an emphasis on the developments in doctrine and liturgical practice across the Christian communities of the Middle East, North Africa, and Western Europe. Students will examine how the formal clarification of doctrine emerged out of apologetic and exegetical controversies, that pushed the Church to the limits of its language about God.

College Trinity College Theological School
Lecturer The Revd Professor Mark Lindsay
Level Level 1; Level 8
Study Mode Face-to-face


Unit Code
(with link to UMS)
CH1100T (Face-to-face)

CH1109T (online)

CH8100T (Face-to-face)

CH8109T (online)

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