St Athanasius College Parish Scholarship

The Parishes of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions and St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College offer sponsorship to students.

Number available

Each Parish of the Diocese offers two ongoing sponsorships on a rolling basis i.e. as one student completes their course, another student may be admitted.

Selection Criteria

  • A baptised member of the Coptic Orthodox Church and actively involved in his/her local congregation;
  • A history of service and leadership qualities
  • Articulation of how theological studies will benefit them and their community
  • Some level of financial need
  • The Parish Priest will recommend who will be awarded the scholarship at his discretion in liaison with the Dean of St Athanasius College.


  • Scholarship recipients must enrol in at least one unit per Semester
  • Scholarship recipients must pass all units to maintain the scholarship

More information

For more information and how to apply, visit the St Athanasius College website.

More information

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