Semester 2 unit | Theology and Practice of Pastoral Care

This year has brought challenges to the ways in which care and support is expressed, not only in the church and in chaplaincy-based settings, but in the normal care for one another, whether it be family, neighbours or friends. A fresh look at pastoral care in light of recent events will focus on the distinctive nature of pastoral care, with attention to the context in which care is expressed. Students will reflect upon the nature of human identity and relationships, the contribution of spiritual perspectives and the various traditions of both pastoral care and pastoral theology. Grounded in the Christian tradition, students will also consider the impact of broader frameworks and other traditions on the practice of care.

Lecturer The Revd Dr Gary Heard
Level Level 2; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-face


Unit Code DP2500T (Face-to-face)

DP2509T (Online)

DP9500T (Face-to-face)

DP9509T (Online)

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