Semester 2 unit: Genesis (Hebrew exegesis)

Looking to develop your Hebrew exegesis?

Trinity is offering a Hebrew exegesis unit on the Book of Genesis in semester 2, 2020. Two hours per week will be devoted to exploring the themes and background to the book of Genesis; and the third hour to exegesis of selected texts in Hebrew. Explore the artistry, word plays and other aspects of the rich narrative of Genesis in its original language. The unit assumes at least one year of prior Hebrew study and is ideal for anyone looking to build on their skills from an introductory Hebrew course. For questions, please contact Rachelle Gilmour rgilmour@trinity.edu.au

Lecturer Dr Rachelle Gilmour
Level Level 3; Level 9
Study Mode Face-to-face


Unit Code (with link to UMS) BA3110T (Face-to-face)

BA3119T (Online)

BA9110T (Face-to-face)

BA9119T (Online)


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