Mid-Year Enrolment Guide

Experience a unique engagement with Christian theological traditions at the University of Divinity. Whether you are interested in the academic study of theology, exploration of your Christian faith, personal growth, professional development, ordained ministry, or training as a lay-worker, you can achieve your personal goals with us.

You can join the University through one of eleven Colleges. Throughout your studies, your home College is a hub for personalised support and guidance to ensure that you have the best student experience.

Semester 2 Units

During the month of July 2019, Vox will feature some of the fantastic units available during Semester 2, 2019 at each of our Colleges.

Discover Semester 2 units on offer

Enrolment Guide (Semester 2)

Apply to begin a course

If you are a new student or you are looking to begin a new course with the University of Divinity, you will need to apply for admission into the course. Once you’ve selected the course and college that you are interested to apply for, you will need to make an appointment to meet with a course advisor at the college and fill out an admission form. Course advisors are there to help you make your student experience an enjoyable one and make sure that the course you have selected will suit your needs and meet your study goals. They will help you to select appropriate units to commence your course of study.

If you are a new student to the University, read our how to enrol guide, and then fill out the relevant admission form.

Apply Now

Enrol in Semester 2 units (continuing students)

If you are a current student it’s time to enrol in units for Semester 2. You can use Vox and the Unit Management System, as well as the College websites to browse the huge range of units on offer this semester. Don’t forget you can take units at your home College as well as at any of our other Colleges, so long as they are appropriate to your course of study.

Discuss your unit selection with the Course Advisor at your home College. Course advisors are there to help you make your student experience an enjoyable one and make sure that each unit you’ve selected will suit your needs, and your chosen course of study! Send an email, give them a call or make an appointment today.

Complete and submit the relevant form

Unit of Study Amendment Form This form is for domestic and overseas coursework students who wish to make changes to their scheduled units since initial enrolment for the current calendar year. You can use this form to add new units and withdraw from enrolled units.
Re-enrolment Form This form is for domestic and overseas coursework students who did not take any units during Semester 1. This form should only be filled out once per calendar year.

Submit your completed form to your home college.

Enrolment Resources and Timetables

Browse our Unit Directory to find a comprehensive list of scheduled units available at all colleges or view a selection of featured units from each of our Colleges on Vox.

Unit Directory Featured units
Australian Lutheran College

Timetable and Units

St Athanasius College

Timetable and Units

Catholic Theological College

Timetables, UG Units and PG Units

Stirling Theological College

Timetable, Units and Course Planner

Eva Burrows College

Timetable and Units

Trinity College Theological School

Timetable and Units

Jesuit College of Spirituality

Timetable and Units

Whitley College

Timetable and Units

Morling College

Higher Degree by Research

Yarra Theological Union

Timetable UG, Timetable PG and Units

Pilgrim Theological College

Timetable and Course Guide

Need help?

Give us a call and we will help you make an appointment with a course advisor.

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