Heart and Mind: A journey with Ignatius of Loyola

JCS is pleased to announce Dr Camilla Russell will be in Australia for a one-week lecture (intensive) in August.

 This unit aims to help students explore Ignatian spirituality through the study of primary sources. By means of a careful reading of the key texts of the Autobiography, the Spiritual Exercises, the Spiritual Diary and the Letters of Ignatius, and with the help of commentaries, students will explore the frameworks and practice of Ignatian spirituality. While these foundational texts will be the basis of the unit, some aspects of contemporary interpretations of the Ignatian tradition will also be explored.

The unit can be undertaken for academic credit or not-for-credit (audit).  It is available online as well as face-to-face.

This unit can be taken within the Spirituality and Spiritual Direction pathways.

Find out more about this unit.

Contact Jesuit College of Spirituality for further information on how to enrol.  For those in Jesuit ministries, please contact us for a special ‘Jesuit Anniversary’ offer.

Who is Dr Camilla Russell?

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