Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women

Applications close 3 June 2020.

The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women provides up to A$5,000 for one academic per year to assist with the costs associated with a research project of her choosing leading towards a publication.

The grant can be used to cover any costs related to the research project, such as conducting a field trip; purchasing books, software or equipment; hiring a translator; travel to learn new techniques in a lab interstate or overseas; small lab equipment; key reagents to complete a project; performing surveys or interviews; and academic editing, such as for journal articles, manuscripts and conference papers. The grant can also be used to cover expenses that most university funding does not cover, such as those related to the need of academic women to secure paid child care to assist them to meet their work responsibilities and research goals, due to the continued prevalence of traditional gender roles around caring in the home.

As part of the application, you need to outline the scope of your research project and what you plan to use the funds for, and provide evidence of the costs involved.


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