Kingdom Communities

Shining the Light of Christ through Faith, Hope and Love

by Andrew Menzies, Dean Phelan

Book Cover: Kingdom Communities
ISBN: 9780648376521
Size: 210.00 x 148.00 mm
Pages: 294

Shining the Light of Christ through Faith, Hope and Love

An inspirational and compelling exploration of a spreading phenomenon that is breaking out in the most unlikely of places.

As attendance in churches is in plateau or freefall, small and growing numbers of people are turning to creative and relationally connected communities that shine the light of Christ with great effect and generosity. Kingdom Communities: Shining the light of Christ through faith, hope and love examines the rise of this diverse and organic movement that is popping up in neighbourhoods, regional towns, urban slums, brothels, aged care villages, schools, churches … indeed anywhere!

Using multiple case studies from across the region, Kingdom Communities explores this growing movement historically, biblically and theologically and uncovers the power of distributed networks for holistic Christian mission. In our age of disruption and rapid discontinuous change that has shaken religious institutions to their core, this book is both a challenge and major injection of hope for those who are passionate about the kingdom of God, Christian leadership, the future of ministry and the relational communities that the world desperately needs.

About the Authors

Andrew Menzies

Dean Phelan

Methodism in Australia

A History

by Hilary Carey, Glen O'Brien

OBrien-Methodism in Australia

“Methodism has played a major role in all areas of public life in Australia but has been particularly significant for its influence on education, social welfare, missions to Aboriginal people and the Pacific Islands and the role of women. Drawing together a team of historical experts, Methodism in Australia presents a critical introduction to one of the most important religious movements in Australia’s settlement history and beyond. Offering ground-breaking regional studies of the development of Methodism, this book considers a broad range of issues including Australian Methodist religious experience, worship and music, Methodist intellectuals, and missions to Australia and the Pacific.

Contributors:  Russell E. Richey, Hilary M. Carey, Glen O’Brien, Malcolm Prentis, Renate Howe, David Hilliard, John Harrison, Alison Longworth, Troy Duncan, Ian Breward, Samantha Frappell, Jennifer Clark, D’Arcy Wood, David Andrew Roberts, Margaret Reeson, Anne O’Brien, Garry W. Trompf, William Emilsen.

About the Authors

Hilary Carey

Hilary M. Carey is Professor of Imperial and Religious History and Head of the School of Humanities at the University of Bristol and adjunct Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Newcastle (NSW). Her books include Believing in Australia (1996), Empires of Religion, ed. (2008), Church and State in Old and New Worlds, ed with John Gascoigne (2011), and God's Empire: Religion and Colonialism in the British World (2011), which was nominated for the Ernest Scott Prize.

Glen O'Brien

Associate Professor Glen O’Brien is Research Coordinator at Eva Burrows College, University of Divinity. He is a Research Fellow of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research and an Honorary Fellow of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre. He has published widely on Wesleyan and Methodist themes and engaged in post-doctoral research at Duke University, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Oxford Brookes University. In 2013 he served as a Member of the 13th Oxford Institute for Methodist Theological Studies.