Graduation Ceremony Selection

If you have received a letter from the Director of Academic Services, Dr Maggie Kappelhoff, informing you that the Academic Board has approved you to graduate, congratulations!

The RSVP process at the bottom of this page will allow you to select the graduation ceremony at which your degree, diploma or certificate will be conferred.

Please select your preferred ceremony by 30 September 2018, whether or not you will attend the ceremony.


How to select a ceremony

  • Scroll down the page to the ‘RSVP’ section
  • Set the quantity to ‘1’, you will see additional fields become available
  • Select your preferred graduation ceremony
  • Enter your student number
  • Confirm your details including your full name and email
  • RSVP ‘going’ or not ‘going’. This gives us an early indication of whether you plan to attend the ceremony or graduate in absentia. You may change your mind at a later date when you receive the formal ‘invitation to attend the ceremony’ (see below: What happens next?)
  • Submit your registration by clicking ‘confirm RSVP’.
    You’ll receive an email confirming your RSVP. This is for your records only. You do not need to do anything with it

What happens next?

A few weeks prior to your selected ceremony, you will receive an email with an ‘invitation to attend the ceremony‘. This will include ceremony-specific information and instructions about how to confirm your attendance at the ceremony, hire/purchase regalia and book your guest tickets.

If you don’t RSVP…

You will be automatically assigned to the next available ceremony date. You will still receive an ‘invitation to attend the ceremony’ at which time you can decide if you want to attend the ceremony, or graduate in absentia.

Additional steps you need to take now

  1. Check to make sure your College has your current email and postal addresses.
    If you are not attending the ceremony, your academic documents will be sent to you by registered mail after the Graduation. You can advise of changes to your contact details using the Personal Details Amendment Form.
    NOTE: Postal address must be a residential address (not a PO Box) as a signature is required to receive the Academic Documents.
  2. Ensure you have no outstanding tuition fees or library fines and outstanding loans
  3. Your testamur (degree certificate or diploma) will show your full name as it is entered in the University’s enrolment database. It is possible to apply to have one or more of your legal names omitted, or to vary the order of your names in a culturally appropriate order. If you would like to apply for any changes to be made, please inform your College by 30 September 2018.


What if I want to defer my graduation to a future year?

You can apply to defer your graduation to a future graduation season. Please contact your College by the deadline given above if you wish to request to defer your graduation.

Can I change my mind about which ceremony I will graduate at?

We encourage you to fully consider the ceremony options (noting dates and locations) before submitting your selection here. However, if your situation changes, it is possible to request a change up to 21 days prior to the ceremony date you have selected. Please contact your College if you wish to apply to change your selected ceremony date.

Help and More Information

For help:
If you need some help to select a ceremony, or you have some questions, please contact your College.
College Contact Information

More Information: 
Information about University Graduation Ceremonies (including regalia information) can be found on the University’s website.
More information about graduation


Tickets are no longer available.