Johannine Studies 1975-2017

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 372

by Francis J. Moloney

johannine studies 1975-2017
ISBN: 9783161551086
Pages: 660
Pages: 660

Responding to the request of Professor Ruben Zimmermann, University of Mainz, and Professor Jörg Frey, University of Zürich and the General Editor of the WUNT series, Professor Moloney has gathered studies on the Gospel of John that date from his earliest published essay (1975) to a series of studies that are published in this volume for the first time (2017). Professor Moloney has edited and retouched all the studies to form a unified text and style-sheet. After an introductory essay mapping the personal and scholarly journey of Professor Moloney, the book has three sections: the Johannine world, Johannine Theology, and studies of the Johannine text. As well as the original contribution made by each single study, the book as a whole reflects almost half a century of Johannine scholarship. It contains full indices of authors, citations, and themes.

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