Imagining the Ecumenical

A personal journey

by John D'Arcy May

Imagining the Ecumenical
ISBN: 9780994470768
Pages: 170

Beginning and ending at home in Australia, John May tells the story of his journey from unquestioning Catholicism through Christian ecumenism to the developing relations between the world’s religions. He brings into sharp focus the questions raised for theology by interreligious relations and the challenge such questions raise: are we capable of truly imagining the ecumenical in all its implications for our religious convictions and the future of the world?

About the Author

Professor John D'Arcy May held a position as Honorary Research Fellow with the University of Divinity from 2011-2017.

John D'Arcy May was born in 1942 in Melbourne, Australia, where he now lives in retirement. He studied at the universities of Munster (Ecumenical Theology, 1975) and Frankfurt (History of Religions, 1983). He was Ecumenical Research Officer with the Melanesian Council of Churches, Papua New Guinea, 1983-1987 and Director of the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, 1987-1990 and 1995.

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