Gebrochenes Brot für gebrochene Menschen

Eucharistie im Neuen Testament

by Francis J. Moloney

Gebrochenes Brot für gebrochene Menschen: Eucharistie im Neuen Testament
Editions:Hardcover (German)
ISBN: 9783451380440
Pages: 360

A Body Broken for a Broken People

In his studies of the Eucharistic theology in the Gospels and Paul, the internationally renowned New Testament scholar Francis J. Moloney shows what the eucharistic practice of the early Christians of the Church is to this day: The Eucharist is not a reward for the perfect, but God’s graceful Food for the weak and broken. Encouraged by the appeal of Pope Francis to further deepen the biblical and theological background on the issue of the sacrament of remarried divorced, the author also devoted himself to this question in his studies in detail. This is not just a book for scientists, though it does contain comments that place the author’s reflections on the broader scientific discussion on these issues. These remarks retain much of their previous documentation, but bring them up to date in terms of scale and foundation. However, they may be ignored. Moloney tries to write in a way that is understandable to all people who are interested in how the Eucharist is celebrated and lived in the Christian churches.

Publisher: Freiburg Herder

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