A Vision for Effective Youth Ministry

Insights from Australian Research

by Philip Hughes

A Vision for Effective Youth Ministry: Insights from Australian Research
ISBN: 9781875223824

This book has arisen out of Australian research into youth ministry, from visiting youth groups and talking with youth leaders and the youth themselves. It offers a vision for the development of youth ministry, recognising the diversity of youth and the backgrounds from which they come. It explores how to build a youth ministry team and the qualities needed in the team. It discusses issues of training, payment, and support for youth leaders and building bridges with parents, church and school. Based on the research, it identifies the following factors as important in making a difference in developing youth ministry:

  • A vision for developing the spirit of young people;
  • A commitment by the whole church to youth ministry;
  • A youth ministry team with strong relationships with God, each other, the youth, parents, the church and the wider society; and
  • A diversity of activities: both age-specific and intergenerational, for fun, friends, inquiry and developing the spirit.
Publisher: Christian Research Association

About the Author

Reverend Dr Philip Hughes held a position as an Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Divinity since 2011.

Professor Philip Hughes has postgraduate degrees in philosophy, theology and education, has undertaken many empirical studies in the areas of religion, values, and personal and communal wellbeing. For many years Philip Hughes was a research fellow at the Centre for Social Justice Research, Edith Cowan University. He is also an honorary research fellow with the University of Divinity.

He is particularly interested in the relationship between Christianity to culture, and has done studies of youth, rural and immigrant cultures in Australia. He has written many books on religious faith in Australia, on ministry and on religious education.

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